About GEOG 328 B

The Mandaley in a mist

The S/V Mandalay in an island mist.

Sailing into Port Elizabeth, Bequia just as the sun is rising, aboard the Mandalay. Credit: Stacy Sather via Facebook

GEOG 328B, The Geography of the Caribbean, is a 3-credit, short-term, faculty accompanied, Study Abroad program. It is the product of the joint efforts of the University of Maryland’s Department of Geographical Sciences and the University’s Education Abroad Department.

The program studies the cultural and physical geography of the  Leeward Islands. To do this, the class spends 7 days aboard The S/V Mandalay, a windjammer tall ship, along with time spent on the island of Grenada.

You will be paired with another student in a cabin aboard the Mandalay. Each cabin is air conditioned, has its own head and a comfortable bunk. All meals aboard ship and most meals in Grenada are included. On Grenada, we will be staying at TBA  where you will room with a fellow student or two.

Grenada ladies    Grenada ladies heading to market

The class is led by Professor Joseph Trocino, a Lecturer within the Department of Geographical Sciences.

The co-leader for the Winter Term 2018 class is Professor Dustin Picard, Lietenant jg, NOAA Officer Corps and Master Diver.

The 2018 class will be the 13th year for this popular program.  Over 100 students from the University of Maryland and other colleges and universities have benefited from this study abroad experience.


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